What is Migratory Arthritis?

Oct 30, 2021 | Blog, Migratory Arthritis

Migratory arthritis is a common condition that can lead to severe pain. Like other types of arthritis, it can get in the way of your daily life, making everyday tasks feel nearly impossible. But what is migratory arthritis- and how can patients cope with the pain? Get the answers in the article below.

What is Migratory Arthritis?

Migratory arthritis is when pain spreads from one joint to another joint in the body. This can happen with any type of arthritis, as well as with other medical conditions, such as lupus, IBS, or Hepatitis B or C. Chronic inflammation and the deterioration of joint tissue are the main causes of migratory pain.

Signs That Pain is Migrating

Of course, noticing a new ache or pain is a clear sign that your arthritis is migrating. However, there are other signs too- some of which are more subtle. Generally, look for changes in your joints, such as rashes or swelling, as well as changes in your overall health, such as weight loss, fatigue, or fever. All patients will have different symptoms, so talk to your doctor about the types of pain you are experiencing.

Preventing Migratory Arthritis

For many patients, staying on top of their pain can actually prevent symptoms from spreading in the first place. In order to do this, you need to treat both your current symptoms and also the inflammation that is causing them. The best place to start is with your current treatment plan. Are you finding relief from your medications, or is your pain still difficult to control? Talk to your doctor if you find your treatment is no longer effective.

Working With a Rheumatologist

If you’re worried about migratory arthritis, then talk to a rheumatologist. Even if your symptoms are under control, a rheumatologist can help you plan for the future. Plus, they can offer you additional therapies and lifestyle advice to supplement your current treatment plan.

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